South African Krugerrand Investment Facts

The South African Krugerrand Story

1967 saw the appearance of the South African Krugerrand. It is composed of pure gold and a copper alloy in small amounts. This allows the coin to be much more durable. It is named in honor to the notable Boer, Paul Kruger, who fought Great Britain and who was the last president doing so. The Krugerrand gold coin was the first bullion coin to enter the market that is why it is quite unique and very appreciated among is investors and collectors. Attractive designs such as the gazelle are printed with its exact krugerrand gold content and its signature date.

One of the many particularities of this coin is that it’s one of the easiest to sell in most markets. The fact that it’s made of pure gold almost entirely helps to increase its value as time passes. Many people ask themselves how much is a South African Krugerrand worth? With 22 karat gold and only a small amount of copper to increase its harness and durability, there are four options to choose from. These options have differences in their weight and they vary from one 10th of an ounce to a full ounce. It is a noticeable fact that more than 46,000,000 ounces of gold have been traded and sold in the form of a mini krugerrand gold coin.


south african krugerrand

Why Would you Consider Buying 1976 krugerrand gold coin

Never in history the value of gold has been so high and it’s climbing even more this time goes by; this is why a wide array of individuals are acquiring this coin. From an investment point of view this is a smart move, since not only other investors put a considerable value to the coin, but also collectors, therefore it increases the krugerrand coin prices. More in-depth details about the coin are its weight of .50 g with an approximated size in diameter of 10 mm. composition rates vary from 6K to 22K. when buying these coins it is important to consider buying in volume, as the standard business practice for investors, since it practically guarantees lower costs when acquiring them, which increases the long-term gold investing.

The Art Of The South African Krugerrand Asset

Aesthetic appearance is also important for many people who attend the call of the South African Krugerrand for sale. One of the reasons as to why this is so is that they are considered by many connoisseurs as art; this is why as I mentioned before many collectors are after the coin. This fact poses interesting side effects on its price. Since investors search to protect their capital gold and see this coin as a particularly attractive solution, the fact that many people pay a premium not only for its gold value but also for its value as art, makes this a particularly savvy investment.

The global economy is becoming more fragmented as time goes by, and capital loses its value due to inflation, deflation, economic cycles and recession. All this uncertainty makes silver bullion and gold, considered as hard assets, an attractive proposition for most investors. Gold, as a timeless investment is a valuable asset. It is also important to notice that South African Krugerrand Prices are always in accord to the value set by the market.

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