Gold prices cross Rs. 30000 mark on back of meltdown fears

Wise investors invest in gold bars because the gold krugerrand value is eternal. Many experts have predicted that gold value will continue increasing for the foreseeable future. When dollars were first made, the value of each note was protected by actual silver and gold reserves. Decades ago, the dollar was removed from the gold standard and the government was able to print as much as they wanted without backing it with gold reserves. This led to extreme inflation and America is now trillions of dollars in debt.
The Euro will eventually overtake the value of the dollar because it is a gold backed currency. In the event of an extreme fall in the dollar’s value or another stock market crash, gold investors will be some of the only people to maintain wealth.

gold coins price

Gold prices cross Rs. 30000 mark on back of meltdown fears

“Riding on a strong global financial uncertainty, gold breached the Rs 30000 mark for the first time on Saturday. The price-spurt is attributed to heavy buying by stockists and retailers, with an ambiguous financial environment providing a fillip to the …India Today”

The gold krugerrand value is even superior to real estate. If investors had put their money in gold bars instead of real estate, then they would not have lost so much of their net worth. The gold krugerrand’s value is unmatched. It is a better investment than money in the bank or a 401k.

Gold has some of the highest return on investment of any substance on earth. Perhaps its only rival is oil, which is often referred to as liquid gold. Gold is one of the most beautiful substances on earth and it never rusts or tarnishes. Although you can purchase gold mutual funds, futures, stocks, and options, there is no comparison to the gold krugerrand value.
Historically, war and inflation are known to make gold’s value increase. With many people predicting war and the fall of the American dollar, now may be the best time to invest in gold. Some people believe the mayan prediction of the end of the world in December 2012. This will cause more people to invest in the gold krugerrand value causing the price of gold to increase even more.


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